Walk Through Bethlehem
Walk Through Bethlehem was an ambitious, creative community outreach that took place for 5 years, from 2006-2011.  For 6 to 8 weeks each year, over 100 volunteers worked to build the town of Bethlehem outside the church and to decorate the church for the 1,500-3,000 annual guests.
Musicians from the church and community presented Christmas music, while costumed guides and actors, along with live animals, retold the story of Jesus' birth, His death and resurrection.  A dramatic Power Point presentation communicated the promise of Jesus' Second Coming.  Finally, guests were able to enjoy a hot drink and Christmas cookie and help themselves to free literature and to sign up for a variety of community seminars.

Many guests from the community commented that Walk Through Bethlehem had become part of their yearly family celebration of Christmas.  Others commented that Walk Through Bethlehem told the true story of Christmas.
The annual cost of the production together with the demanding time commitment on the volunteers caused the production to be put on hold.
Please check this web site to see if and when the production is revived.